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Arts & culture.

Hveragerði has a vibrant arts and culture scene with a variety of events and offerings throughout the year. Whether you're interested in visual art, music, literature, or crafts, you will find something that appeals to you in this lively town.


The Art Museum

Árnesing Art Museum is a joint art museum of eight surrounding municipalities. In four spacious exhibition halls, elaborate exhibitions, domestic and foreign, are set up, reflecting Iceland's cultural heritage. Each collection includes an exhibition catalogue, information, and an educational and entertainment programme.

There is a bright sitting corner where visitors can relax in a quiet environment and study a variety of informational publications about art. In addition, a cozy cafeteria and children's play area are on site.

The art museum is at Austurmörk 21.


This passes

An art installation called "Þetta líður hjá" is located along the Varmá River and was commissioned by artist Elísabet K. Jökulsdóttir. The installation is a chair made from a massive stone with a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and mountains. Þetta líður hjá is an Icelandic phrase that roughly translates to "things are going well" or "everything seems to be in order." So, make sure to take a walk to this magical place and let the river's current sweep your worries away. There is a short walk to the artwork from the parking lot of the kindergarten Undraland at Þelamörk 62.


Pioneering Artists

The history of art in Hveragerði dates to the early 20th century when a group of artists from Reykjavik began visiting the town to experience its natural beauty and geothermal activity. These artists included writers, musicians, and poets such as Jóhannes úr Kötlum, Kristmann Guðmundsson, Kristján frá Djúpalæk, Gunnar Benediktsson, Helga Sveinsson, Ingunni Bjarnadóttur, Höskuldur Bjarnsson, Kristin Pétursson, Ríkarð Jónsson, and Gunnlaug Scheving, who are considered to be among the first artists to be inspired by the rugged and beautiful landscape of Hveragerði. On the corner of Frumskógar and Heiðmörk, you can find an information board dedicated to this chapter in the history of Hveragerði.

Live music

Concerts and live music are offered regularly in Hveragerði. Follow the event calendar so you don't miss the next gig!


Don't miss a visit to the Art Museum:

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