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Hike, bike and bathe

in Reykjadalur valley

Reykjadalur is located in a geothermal area at the foot of the Hengill volcanic mountain range. This area offers a variety of outdoor activities, whether people want to walk, run, or cycle in the fantastic nature. Simmering hot springs and steam plumes leave an impression on the area, and the unique hot Reykjadalsá River flows down Reykjadalur, where it is popular to bathe before trekking back down.


Hiking in Reykjadalur 

The trail into Reykjadalur valley has become one of  the most popular trails in the country, and on average 1,000 people come every day to walk this trail. The most popular route to the bathing facility in Reykjadalur river is about 3.5 km long and it takes experienced hikers about 1 hour to walk up there. If you walk a little further up the river, you will find the beautiful canyon Klambragil, which no one should miss. Those who haven't had enough after this walk can add a 3.8 km loop that goes up from Klambragil to Ölkelduhnjúkur and then back down to Reykjadalur valley.    

Biking trails in Reykjadalur

Interest in mountain biking has increased enormously in recent years, and Reykjadalur valley and its surroundings are becoming one of the most exciting places to practice this sport. At the service center you can find mountain bike rentals and organized trips around the area. Marked tracks have been laid throughout the area and most people should find something suitable. 

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