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Hiking trails

in Hveragerði

Hveragerði is an excellent destination for hiking enthusiasts, with plenty of scenic trails to explore in the immediate vicinity. There are hiking trails for all levels of hikers, from easy strolls to challenging summit hikes and leisurely health walks. A visit to the Geothermal Park is a most stop where visitors have the opportunity to taste hot spring rye bread, boil an egg in a hot spring and take a foot bath in hot clay.


The history walk

Numerous historical signs have been installed across Hveragerði and they give an account of the history and culture of the locality. It is an ideal walking route to walk between historical plaques and thus get a clear picture of the special history of Hveragerði. 

One of the town's signs is on the corner of Heiðmerkur and Frumskóga. There you can walk through the so-called Street of Poets, where nationally known artists lived between 1940 and 1965. It is ideal to start the history walk there. 


Health walks

If you start from swimming pool at Laugaskarð, you can choose various versions of vigorous health improvement walks that can be from about 2.5 km to more than 4 km (solid and broken lines on the map). An sign post about the health routes can be found by the swimming pool. There are a variety of training stations along the trail on the slopes of Mt. Reykjafjall.


The hot spring route

A walk along the town's geothermal area and the surrounding area with a stop at the Geothermal Park, where visitors have the opportunity to taste hot spring rye bread and take a foot bath in hot clay.

A powerful earthquake - 6.3 on the Richter scale - struck Southern Iceland in 2008. Traces of the earthquake can be seen in many places on the surface of the earth in and around Hveragerði. Hot spring activity increased and cracks can be seen on the slopes of Mt. Reykjafjall, near river Varmá, above the Agricultural School. This area is marked with broken lines at the top of the map. Extreme care must be taken when walking through this area.


The Hammer and more

It is an easy and pleasant walk up to the cliff Hamarinn - The Hammer - where you will get a good view of Hveragerði and the surrounding area. You can also find hiking trails up the river Varmá and elsewhere around the town. Everyone should find a walking trail that suits him. It is, for example, only a 3 km walk to the service center in Reykjadalur valley.

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