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Earthquake 2008 Exhibition

Experience a +6 Richter earthquake in a simulator!

A powerful earthquake (6.3 magnitude) struck the Southern part of Iceland at 15:45 on the 29th of May in 2008. The epicenter of the quake was located about two kilometers southeast of Hveragerði. The exhibition presents the considerable impact of the earthquake of 2008. The display shows the residents' experience and how it affected the buildings and local environments. A television screen shows the recordings from surveillance cameras, photographs taken by the locals, and information from The Earthquake Engineering Research Centre. Visitors can experience a powerful earthquake (+6 Richter) in a simulator at the exhibition. A fissure encountered at the building site in 2003 is visible in the floor and illuminated for visitors. Earthquake 2008 Exhibition Sunnumörk 5 810 Hveragerði Email: Tel: +354-4834601

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